The Bits Academy is a training programme in the field of ICT and multimedia for youth in emerging economies.

Three core values form the backbone of the Bits Academy programme: innovation, relevance and creativity

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The Bits Academy programme empowers young people to secure a future through ICT, creativity, life skills and entrepreneurial thinking

Our story

The Bits Academy uses a hands-on approach by promoting learning by doing.

More on our approach

Bits Academy

The Bits Academy focuses on giving quality free education for youth from less privileged backgrounds in urban areas. The project seeks reduced inequalities by providing youth that do not have access to basic computing skills and internet to have a quality education. The Bits Academy forms a network of schools that is currently spread across Africa and South East Asia.


We aim to improve the social and economic prospect of youth from underprivileged backgrounds. This is achieved by preparing them with relevant creative and digital skills and by stimulating their self-esteem. Bits schools offer demand aligned training in creative technologies, entrepreneurship and life skills, leading youth to income generating opportunities.


We believe each and every one is talented, whose potential can be discovered and stimulated through Bits Academy. Employing learning by doing, where students and employees are allowed to make mistakes enables us to be flexible and creative. It opens up new paths and responds to a changing world.

” Ekobits has made a very good impact in my life for the past year. I could not use a computer for anything but now with the help of Ekobits, I am a certified web developer & graphic designer. I promise to teach the kids in my community these skills I now have. “

Rasheed Oladepo

Alumni EkoBits

Effective training

The Bits Academy curriculum is all about learning by doing. Students are given projects to work on while learning from inspiring trainers and established guest speakers. From day 1 they start building their portfolio by designing logos, coding websites and much more. It is this hands-on learning that has made businesses so keen to work with Bits students.

Talented students

In just one year students go from not knowing how to use a mouse to being capable designers and developers. They are selected through Community Based Organisations and assessed on their motivation and effort. Hear some stories of our students or see more of our impact.

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