Our story

Bits Academy is founded by Butterfly Works and co-created together with the Bits schools. In 2000 the first Bits School opened: NairoBits. Owing to the level of success, the concept has been replicated to similar settings in other countries. Butterfly Works and NairoBits together developed a franchise model, which has been implemented in KampaBits in Kampala (Uganda) and AruaBits in Arua (Uganda). In 2014, the Bits family grew beyond the African context and IndusBits in Jamshoro (Pakistan) was born. In 2016 another Bits school, EkoBits in Lagos (Nigeria), was founded, this time crossing the African mainland to the West of the continent. In the same year HargaBits in Hargeisa (Somaliland) was established.

Hands-on training
The Bits course is a one year hands-on training in the field of ICT and multimedia, where skills in web development, web and graphic design are imparted on the youth. The skills make talented young people capable designers and developers in the vibrant ICT industry in the region of the Bits school. Entrepreneurship training supports them to become freelancers and entrepreneurs in their own right. Additionally, the training is blended with life skills which help the youth deal with the most immediate challenges they face in their lives.

Our Core Values


We embrace the latest tools in technology and adapt constantly to the world around us in order to develop a wide range of digital content.


We train real-life skills that are in line with business needs in order for students to gain a better access to the job market and to make a difference for others.


We stimulate creativity in students. They are empowered to construct their own identity and go into new directions.

The Bits Academy has already trained over 9000 youth in East and West Africa and Pakistan. Most of the Bits students have been able to secure employment in both formal and informal sectors, the success rate is approximately 80%. This is thanks to our local partners that are directly linked to the youth. Community organisations are responsible for selecting youth who will participate in the trainings. Business partners offer crucial work experience and act as guest speakers.

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