Bits Academy

The Bits Academy

The ICT sector offers great job opportunities, but the youth, especially in emerging economies, often miss the right skills to meet market demands and lack self-confidence to make a positive change. The Bits Academy answers to these local challenges and ever so changing market needs.

The Bits Academy subjects range from basic computing skills all the way up to mobile app development. The curriculum now covers: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word, GIF Builder and Netscape. By designing and developing on and offline material, students come into contact with subject areas such as photography, visual design, video, brand development and technical programming. Additionally, the training is also complemented with basic entrepreneurship and life skills, which help the youth deal with the most immediate challenges they currently face in their lives.

Program Outline

The complete Bits Academy programme takes one year and exists of three different courses, all of which are designed to complement one another and result in a comprehensive IT and digital design learning experience. The components of the program include the following:

Focus Areas of the Bits Academy

Skill development

Each course provides the students with a toolbox full of knowledge, skills and attitude to enter the job market of digital media and design.

Digital tools

We introduce the students to computer programmes and mix-media softwares so that websites, logos, printed artworks,videos or written documents are smartly made with a keen eye on design.

Creative Skills

Students are encouraged to develop their potential to the maximum achievable and use creative thinking in all their designs.

Social Skills

In order to play a meaningful role in society, students learn to deal with issues they face while growing up, such as building confidence and self-esteem, communication skills and goal setting.

Business skills

The Bits Academy applies an industry-based learning experience. Students are trained in sensing business opportunities and learn how to present themselves in the job market.