Through the collective efforts of many Bits Trainers, Bits Managers, businesses, CBOs, NGOs and the hardworking Bits students, WeAreBits has been able to reach many youth who have benefited from the unique method. Take a look at the experiences of students and trainers.

Developer Joseph, a NairoBits student, explains what NairoBits means to him. He tells about some of the projects he has done during his training and shares his plans for the future.


Job Placement

More than 80% of the Bits alumni go on to the job market successfully; either as an employee or an entrepreneur.


Youth Impacted

Since the founding of NairoBits in 2000, all Bits schools together have been able to train 9000 young people. Bits Academy has been a stepping stone that has helped them to enter the job market by teaching the right skills through the right method, with the right trainers.

Overall the Bits Programme graduates 44.6% women and 55.4% men. The programme is strongly focused on motivating gender equality in the classroom. Also, the programme takes attention to select women as Bits Trainers and Managers. They become role models for girls that aspire entering the school and field.

The Bits Programme focuses on giving quality free education for youth from less privileged backgrounds in urban areas of Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, Somaliland and Nigeria. The project seeks reduced inequalities by providing youth that do not have access to basic computing skills and internet, to have a quality education chance to enter the job market.


” Ekobits is the biggest thing that ever happened in my life. Before I started, I couldn’t use a computer, or effectively communicate to people or make a presentation. Speaking good English was a problem but now I can express myself, I can do what I couldn’t before. I am a Graphic designer, video editor and photographer.”

Peculiar Umoh

Alumna EkoBits

” The field trips and research we have been doing have made me see the way people are living and how they are being very efficient & I can’t help but figure out ways in which they have optimised their lives. Now, before I design, I think about the function rather than the aesthetic.
I put myself in a user’s shoes before I even “place that section inside a hamburger menu. “

Sheila Zubeda

UX Designer (Alumna NairoBits), BRCK

Student work

Students build up their portfolio throughout their education. With the skills they learn during the Bits Academy courses they are ready to enter the job market and be valuable assets within many ICT or media design companies.

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