Why it works

Our approach

Due to its unique approach the Bits Academy is innovation in education and we want to scale this up to increase impact. Through our selection, network, training and learning approachwe encourage students to discover and realise their aspirations. As they are selected on commitment to the community we see that training them sets in motion a positive chain of events that reaches far beyond the single student.

In addition students learn the skills for emerging jobs, including the creative and technical industries as well as the 21st century skills including creativity and imagination; ICT and programming; leadership and collaboration; and global awareness. We see opportunity in people and train others to do the same. With this project our model will be made scalable to reach more youth with even higher quality education.

Our 6 success factors

Flexibility of the concept

The Bits approach is very flexible and adapts to the local context of every Bits School and the rapidly changing ICT sector. Through our flexibility we are able to make the Bits concept suitable in other countries.

Involvement of partners

Local organisations and businesses are a key element in the success of the Bits schools. The different stakeholders, such as CBOs, local NGOs, educational institutions and local businesses are involved from the beginning of setting up the school.

Highly motivated and competent students and trainers

Students and trainers at the Bits schools are seen as agents of change. This is stimulated through the selection procedure, school location and the model of giving back. Both students and trainers are selected on their motivation and evaluated on their competency.

Teaching through experiential learning

In order to maximise students’ skills and personal development, the Bits teaching methodology is based on experiential learning. Everyone is seen as a talented individual who learns best by doing, rather than passively absorbing monologues.

Developing the relevant skills

The Bits curriculum is especially developed to suit the labour market and the needs of disadvantaged youth. Four components are central; creative, digital, business and social skills. The exact content of the lessons is adapted to local needs.

Creating a Butterfly effect through community involvement

The students are selected to be motivated and involved in the community. Schools are also situated close to the community, which allows students and trainers to stay or become part of the community and act as role models for their peers.

Community Involvement

Students are selected through community based organisations (CBOs) on the basis of active community involvement. Bits Schools also work closely together with the private sector to organise internship placements and real-life client assignments.

In addition, the Bits Schools also work with Infocenters. An infocenter is an extension of the school beyond one geographical region, bringing the Bits Academy programme closer to the community. The infocenters are hosted by a Community Based Organisation that is located in areas of the region of difficult access, mobility and low resources.